Cook to see re-electin as Yakima County Assessor

Dave Cook

YAKIMA — Despite 20 years at the post, Yakima County Assessor, Dave Cook, has announced his candidacy for re-election.

Cook has served as Yakima County Assessor since first being elected in 1998. He owned and operated Rosser & Sutton Office Products before.

“Our main focus is to serve the property owners of Yakima County,” he said. “We set annual goals in the office for every aspect of our job responsibilities and work diligently toward meeting those goals.”

According to Cook, Yakima County is in a period of record increases in the selling prices of property. He reminds voters that the assessed values of property are based on sales of similar properties in an area.

“If a property owner questions their value or asks, we’ll show them exactly how their assessed value was developed and, if by chance we’ve made a mistake, we’ll fix it,” Cook said.

Cook is an Accredited Real Estate Appraiser with the State of Washington, Past President of the Washington State Association of County Assessors, and is currently the Legislative Chairman of that same Association. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Washington Association of County Officials.

“I want to thank the people of Yakima County for allowing me to serve them by fulfilling the job I’m charged with doing,” Cook said. “I pledge to you that if elected, I will continue to do so to the absolute best of my ability.”

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