SUNNYSIDE — Bengie Aguilar, who announced last week that she will challenge longtime incumbent 15th District Sen. James Honeyford, made it official on May 15 when she formally filed for office at the Yakima County Courthouse.

“I’m overwhelmed,” she said, about the response to her announcement last week.  “And truly humbled. So many people have already put their trust and faith in me, there’s no way I can let them down.”

Honeyford registered May 14. He is in his 24th year in the Washington Legislature. He has run unopposed twice.

Honeyford knows Aguilar. He recognized her service on the Sunnyside City Council.

Aguilar said dozens of supporters and local community leaders have contacted her campaign to express support, pledge their time and effort, make financial contributions—and to indicate their desire to show up and support her in person when she files her application for candidacy.

Aguilar said she is looking forward to meeting and hearing from as many people as possible this summer.

Aguilar will host a canvassing event in Sunnyside on Saturday, May 19. She will be joined by other local Democratic candidates for state office.

They plan to speak to residents of the 15th district about the importance of voting and letting their voices be heard, Aguilar said.

Honeyford may not be pressing as hard as Aguilar, but he said he will be. He’s working on a project concept he believes could address future water needs in this state.

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