World famous Garcia triplets quietly turn 5 this Saturday

Ready to start kindergarten next August, the Garcia triplets (L-R), Arianna, Cecelia and Brianna, are celebrating their fifth birthday this Saturday, with their mother Arcelia Garcia of Sunnyside. The birth of the triplets five years ago created an international stir for the then 54-year-old woman. Multiple births for women over age 50 happens about one in a million pregnancies, according to health experts.

Five years ago when their birth was announced, the Garcia triplets of Sunnyside and their mother, Arcelia Garcia, made international media headlines largely due to the fact that their mother was 54-years-old. It is rare that a woman in her 50s would give birth to triplets. In fact, health experts say such pregnancies are a one in a million probability.

Garcia's little miracles are now healthy, bright-eyed pre-schoolers, who will mark their fifth birthday in relatively quiet surroundings this Saturday, Jan. 8.

Their mother, who hasn't visibly aged, is in the midst of remodeling her kitchen. She fears it won't be completed in time for a huge party on the girls' birthday. So, she plans a larger birthday party for the girls on Jan. 15, once the Garcia household is put back together.

The youngest of Garcia's 11 children, the other eight who range in age from 40 to 21, Arianna, Brianna and Cecelia are already eager to start kindergarten next fall, said Garcia.

She explained that two of her trio are already attending school. Brianna and Cecelia attend pre-school classes at Outlook Elementary School. Meanwhile, Arianna stays at home with mom, but she is rapidly picking up pre-reading skills and counting right along with her sisters. The girls all know their ABC's and are happy to sing the "Alphabet Song" to willing audiences.

Learning along with her daughters, Garcia's English has dramatically improved since her first exposure to the media nearly five years ago. She continues to work on her language skills, saying she plans to take English as a second language classes this winter. "I like learning English," she said.

All three girls are very verbal and are eager to talk about their favorite toys. They each share in telling their favorite stories. Second-born Brianna, who is the quiet one, and third-born Cecelia, who is also the tiniest of the three, say they like attending school.

"We like our Teacher Kristina (Longoria), Teacher Andrea (Gatica) and Teacher Laura (Trujillo)," they chorus.

But when it comes to telling what their favorite foods are, they defer to Arianna, who is the eldest of the triplets and the sisters' unofficial spokesperson.

"We like cookies, apples and cereal," she explained.

The girls are also very independent and like to fix their own snacks, said their mother.

"They are always busy and they keep me busy, too," she smiled.

"We're all very happy.

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