I Saw it in the Sun: April 7, 2021

April 6, 1961 — THE TA-WAN-KA Camp Fire Girls presented a cake to Mayor Lloyd Smith as a thank you for the constant and generous support given the Camp Fire program throughout the year. Belonging to the group and making the presentation are Dantha Sowers, Barbara Strom, Linda Sowers, Yvette Crowe, Cheryl Walsh, Karen Jensen, Mary Brauer, Virginia Griffin, Janet Pederson, Norma Pederson and Barbara Severance.

April 6, 1911 – ‘A Painful Accident’ – Rev. S.J. Anderson, M.D., D.D., while driving toward town Friday, met the county steam roller near the Mathieson place. The engineer started up the machine before the doctor could pass. His mare took fright. He jumped out of his wagon to hold her by the bit but she broke away throwing him to the ground. The wagon ran over him, breaking the small bone of one of his legs. He was taken home in an auto by R.C. Bagley. The doctor’s horse and wagon were stopped at the ball grounds without serious damages to either.

‘New train thru Sunnyside to Seattle’ – The Grandview-Seattle train will be established about the 16th of April. It will leave Grandview at 8:40 a.m. daily and leave Yakima at 10:35 a.m. for Seattle, making the run in about seven hours. Returning from Seattle, the train will leave North Yakima at 4:00 p.m. and reach Grandview at 6:05. The Sunnyside local will leave North Yakima at 6:30 a.m., instead of seven o’clock, as at present, and will arrive at Grandview at 8:30 a.m.

April 7, 1921 – ‘Wind and frost do not injured sugar beets’ – According to H. Hammond, manager of the local Utah, Idaho Sugar Beet factory, the freezes of the past few nights have not injured the sugar beets here nor on the Reservation. The wind of the past few days has blown out a little seed but not enough to do much damage. There are about two thousand acres planted in the immediate vicinity of Sunnyside and while it is probable that the Sunnyside factory will run, the final decision of this matter will be up to the assistant manager of the company when he comes to Sunnyside on May 10th.

April 9, 1931 – ‘It was not Friday the 13th’ – Superstition says it’s hard luck to walk under a ladder, but Bernard D. Page, plant foreman at the cannery, says it’s worse luck to fall from one, especially for people who are susceptible to broken bones. Page has his left are in a sling, as a result from a recent fall. His wrist and one bone in his hand were broken.

‘Cannery all ready for asparagus’ – Manager Drysdale will, this week, finish getting everything in shape and in readiness for the starting of the canning of green asparagus. The demand for canned green asparagus is increasing and the industry is important and annually returns considerable wealth to the growers.

April 10, 1941 – ‘High School News: Girls play boys’ – The Sophomore first team and the Junior FFA team played a series of volley ball games this week. This is the first time any girls’ volley ball team has competed with a boys’ volley ball team. The score was 23-3 in favor of the boys.

April 6, 1961 – ‘Hercules stolen from Hi School’ – Hercules has been stolen, all 200 stuffed pounds of him. The high school’s big bear got “lost” last weekend, for when Harry Benson, principal, stepped into the front lobby Monday morning he was not greeted by Herc’s cheerful grin, but by a note:

“Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

What the H---

Happened to your bear?

Boo Hoo!

—Now we are even!”

April 8, 1971 – ‘Girl Scout cookies arrive’ – One thousand boxes of Girl Scout cookies arrived April 1. The girls from Junior Troop 181 will be delivering the cookies with the next few days ending a tremendously successful sale. As there are 17 girls in the troop each sold an average of 59 boxes.

April 8, 1981 – ‘Gets new surface’ – Surfacing of Alexander Road, between Mabton Highway and Midvale Road is underway with the first lay of asphalt being completed Friday. The project also includes surfacing of the Mabton Highway overpass.

April 11, 1991 – ‘Sunnyside High School jazz band enters competition’ – The Sunnyside High School band will be traveling to Columbia Basin Community College in Pasco this weekend to participate in the 1991 Jazz Unlimited Festival, according to Jim Sleater, SHS band instructor. The band will compete with more than 100 bands and choirs from throughout the Northwest.

April 9, 2001 – ‘Hughes Park dedication held’ – Golden rays of morning sunshine and a fresh, spring-time breeze greeted those in attendance at this past Saturday’s dedication of Don Hughes Neighborhood Park. The Park, located at 15th Street and Lincoln Avenue in Sunnyside, was formally dedicated in honor of long-time community activist Don Hughes. The former Sunnyside mayor was on hand, surrounded by his wife, June, and several family members, including two daughters.

April 9, 2011 – ‘Sunnyside science students place at State competition’ – Several students from the Sunnyside School District earned recognition at the recent Washington State Science and Engineering Fair.

From Sunnyside High School, Sara Berumen, Amanda Villareal and Cynthia Van Wingerden all earned first-place honors. Van Wingerden also earned a special award from the Water Federation.

Harrison Middle School student earning first-place honors was Alyson Spidle.

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