GRANDVIEW — Visitors from all over gathered at Bill’s Berry Farm with their buckets and boxes in hand to self-pick their produce from the sweet tasting fields and experience an assortment of family activities and food during Cherry and Berry Days on Saturday, June 29.

The organic and biologically managed farm is located at 3674 N. County Line Rd. and has been u-pick operation since 2009.

Produce gatherers of all ages walked out to the 15 acres of cherries where three varieties are grown along with seven acres of blueberries, consisting of four varieties. They experienced the hands-on fruitiness of the Bill Michener family farm.

Underneath the cool shade of the orchard, Andy Nicholson taught his daughter Emberlyn how to eat a Bing cherry and to spit out the pit. The deep red color on her face showed that she had learned the “out in the field” lesson well.

“I’m eating them all gone,” the quick learner replied as she found a low hanging branch to practice her newly refined talents.

The Nicholson family was once stationed in Yakima and, following his military separation, recently moved back home to Montana. They were visiting friends in the lower valley over the weekend and decided to experience the Cherry and Berry Days in Grandview.

Another group of u-pickers out in the field was the Millova family and friends from the Bellevue-Redmond area. They rented a coach transit to bring out three families together and spend the day picking a variety of ripened fruit.

Driving out to the farm for the first time, Romeo said the highway trek took three hours and 40 minutes to be exact as he laughed about their commute time to the farm.

Back at the farmhouse area, Adam and Kathy Pechtel took a break from all the picking fun to share a brown bag sampling of freshly made cherry donuts. The Tri-Cities couple was celebrating Kathy’s birthday with a day at the farm.

Adam tried to surprise her with Mariner tickets as well. However, Kathy found out as he placed the order. She was thrilled with the weekend gifts of celebration and activities.

U-pick hours are Monday through Thursday from 4–8 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Patrick Shelby can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 110 or email

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