BICKLETON — Having started with a few old Studebakers and pick-ups, the annual Labor Day weekend car show has grown to encompass about 140 vehicles over six blocks on the village’s Market Street.

Among those car exhibitors was Andy Padgham of Prosser, who was eager to show off his fully restored 1977 International Scout, which he purchased not long after he got his driver’s license.

“I paid $2,600 for it and because I was young, I did trash it up a bit,” Padgham noted, but he never got rid of it.

“It was rusted out and it didn’t run, but I just couldn’t bear to sell it,” he added.

Bringing it to the Bickleton Car Show seemed like a natural thing to do this year.

“I like this show, because the exhibitors get to judge each another’s cars,” Padgham explained, a situation which “…seems fair to me.”

Fair enough to earn the tan and brown Scout first place in the restored pick-up category.

He had three vehicles in Saturday’s show; his two-tone Scout, his father, John Padgham’s blue ’75 International pickup and his buddy Cliff Vining’s white ’78 Ford pick-up.

“We work on the trucks in the winter after all the farm work is done,” he explained.

His son, Ethan, who looks to get his license this week, already has a 1995 Ford F150 pick-up with no plans to restore it for a few years at least, the older Padgham remarked.

Among the visitors and fans of restored automobiles was Jack Phillips of Grandview, who is restoring a two-door 1950 Ford. “It was the first car I ever purchased, I paid $40 for it. It’s not ready for the car shows,” he conveyed.

Looking at vintage and classic cars wasn’t the only action on Market Street. The various volunteer organizations were out hosting raffles, and vendors were selling their one of kind items to the town’s guests.

The Rebekah Lodge Ladies were kept busy selling hundreds of homemade pie slices while the Carousel Museum volunteers hosted two sets of raffles.

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