Bickleton youth create Nebraska connection

CLEANING UP — Bickleton youth group kids washed the cars in the Whoop N Holler Museum, a private museum in Bickleton owned by the Whitmore family. The youth’s various jobs, and pizza and cookie sales, raised more than $1,900 in one week for Nebraska flood relief efforts.

BICKLETON — Leave it to a bunch of farm kids, used to helping others, to spend their spring vacation raising money to benefit Midwest families whom they have never met.

Seeing the televised reports of the massive flooding on farms and ranches in Nebraska, the Bickleton Evangelical Community Church youth decided they wanted to do something to help, said youth group director Alicia Seng.

“We wanted to take a trip out to Nebraska to help the farmers and communities attempting to recover from the devastating floods of this spring,” she explained.

But logistics kept the youth from making the trip to the Midwest to offer their services.

“That didn’t damper our spirits,” Seng said.

Then came an idea to offer the young people’s eagerness to help others, while “…letting the generous spirit of our people help financially,” Seng added.

The effort would be a win-win for everybody, was the feeling, said David Clinton, a church deacon.

He said all money raised would go to Samaritan’s Purse for the Nebraska relief fund.

During their spring break the team of Cheyenne Gifford, Samantha Gifford, Dawson Naught, Scott McBride and Shelby Ingram washed cars, raked lawns, made and sold 20 pizzas and 12 batches of cookies, and took a special offering at church, Seng proclaimed.

“So far, we have raised $1,945, with more coming in each day,” Seng announced.

Both Seng and Clinton said they were proud of the young people’s accomplishment “…completed in just a week.”

“It is so important to me that we instill in our kids that we are here to help one another,” Seng noted.

After all, that is what living in farm country is all about, echoed Clinton.

“We help each other.”

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