On Saturday morning at Art Fiker stadium, a Celebration of Life ceremony was held, in honor of Jazlynn “Jazzy” Guillen who passed away November last year due to cancer. Jazzy was a senior year high school student who loved to play soccer and hang out with loved ones.

The celebration was filled with love, positivity, and memories. Nurse practitioner Katy Remler stated, “Jazzy’s presence in our lives is a gift…”

After succumbing to cancer, Jazzy’s entire community banded together to celebrate the life of the young soccer player. “This is not a memorial service. This is not a funeral. This is a celebration of life,” Pastor Jason Green said.

Hospital nurses, family, and friends all spoke during the positive look back on Jazzy’s life.

“Determined, courageous, passionate…”, soccer coach Ricky Ruiz said while reminiscing on the type of person Jazzy was. “So, what does it take to make varsity? That was her first question,” laughed coach Ruiz.

Christen, a nurse who worked with Jazzy in the Seattle Children’s Hospital described her as “fierce.” Christen remembered how Jazzy “would literally move mountains to get back home from Seattle.”

“Her energy, her positivity and her happiness was so contagious,” McKenzie Fish, a 10-year cancer fighter reflected.

Others also spoke on behalf of Jazzy, including her two closest friends, Addisyn Greene and Sadie Muller.

Greene and Muller discussed how “influential” and “strong” Jazzy was in their eyes.

Muller reflected on how soccer brought herself, Addisyn and Jazzy closer together. “Jazzy was the person I warmed up with before every game. She was the first person I ran to after a goal. And she was the voice that I listened to for guidance from the back of the field.”

The last two speakers, Pastor Jason Green and Jazzy’s mother Ashley, rose the ceremony up with positivity while remembering their friend and daughter.

Pastor Green discussed goofing around with Jazzy. Bringing up old nicknames he gave her like, “Jazzilicous” and “Jazzisaurus.” The pastors favorite nickname for Jazzy was “sister.”

Jazzy’s mother showed her appreciation for the support the community gave to her during these hardships. “It will take a lifetime to thank everyone individually,” Ashley said. “But I hope that each and every one of them know what an impact they made on this momma’s heart.”

After the speeches, and a slideshow commemorated towards Jazzy, the attendees of the ceremony then released butterflies in remembrance of their lost friend.

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