COLORFUL MEMORIAL — People who take a photograph of the Chase Reiff’s “Remembering the Lost” mural will receive a discount at the La Jaiba Loca Buffet on Yakima Valley Highway.

SUNNYSIDE — “Art is perspective,” explained Chase Reiff, urban muralist, as he added the final outline of color onto the “Remembering the Lost” memorial honoring all the passengers who perished in the Calabasas, Calif. helicopter crash on Sunday, Jan. 26.

The 25-year old artist realized that all the Kobe Bryant commemorative displays were only paying tribute to the famous basketball player and not the eight other victims. He felt compelled to do something and sought out his family’s support, along with their ideas in creating a design which he could paint.

Located on the western side of the La Jaiba Loca Buffet building, 1314 Yakima Valley Highway, Reiff said he started at night and projected a transparency which he created to preserve the iconic proportions of the former Laker and his daughter Gianna.

Working uninterrupted during the industrious sketching process, Reiff was ready to implement his color scheme onto the block wall. He spent about 10 hours of actual spray-painting time on the project.

Art is how the local muralist shows people what he thinks and sees. Having been inspired by graffiti and urban design at the age of 13, Reiff has been following his passion non-stop. By the time he was 18, a career was at the heart of his colorful motivation.

“I started going around town just asking, ‘hey, can I paint your sign. Do you have any logos that you would like painted? And, I just got out there and did it,” Reiff declared. “You’re the only one who can show the world what you see!”

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