The 2021 Washington State Open Cribbage Championships, played at the Sunnyside VFW May 14, 15 and 16, was the first sanctioned Cribbage tournament held in Washington State this year.

Matt Padrow of Scappoose, Ore. not only earned his Master rank over the weekend (2000 points lifetime), he also won this year’s main Championship, by one point in the final game. Padrow played Seattle’s George Mackie in the finals. Padrow said of the last hand, “We cut the card and George’s expression told me he didn’t get a card that helped him, I played my hand to not let him peg any extra points, that worked out for me.”

Finishing in the final four was Jason Hofbauer of Washougal and Gordy Wise of Tacoma.

Top Qualifier was Kevin Mansfield of Idaho.

In Sundays’ nine game Consolation tournament, James Seufert of Hermiston, Ore. was the high qualifier.

In the playoffs, Hal Lamon of Tacoma bested Sunnyside’s Betty Brumley to take home the championship, and the final game was also decided by one point.

The first event of the tournament was a seven-game event held Friday afternoon won by Bob Bartosh of Sacramento, Calif. Friday night was doubles and Erik Locke of Portland, Ore. and Alice Souza of Calif., turned in a perfect nine-win card.

Saturday Nights nine game event was won by Dan Fergus of Zillah.

This year’s events saw players of all ages. Brodee Morrow was the youngest at eleven years old. Players traveled from as far away as Las Vegas, Nev.

Acting American Cribbage Congress President and tournament director, James Morrow, hopes to see more sanctioned tournaments start to be played around the country as facilities like the Sunnyside VFW start to be open again.

The next local tournaments are scheduled for the end of July and first of August at the Sunnyside VFW.

James Morrow is Acting American Cribbage Congress President and tournament director.

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