GRANDVIEW — Patriotic revelers gathered at 9 a.m. downtown across the street from Grandview City Hall and the Police station to commence the July 4 holiday during the 42nd annual Flag Raising Ceremony at Stokely Square.

Mayor Gloria Mendoza welcomed everyone in attendance for taking part in the community event and encouraged residents to continue in making the city a great place to live.

“We celebrate our country’s independence, we celebrate family and community. We celebrate patriotism,” Mendoza strongly stated as she implored the audience to carry the spirit of community and patriotism wherever they may go in their daily lives.

The Lower Valley Honor Guard performed a 21-Gun salute to the flag of the United States of America in honor for all departed area veterans.

U.S. Navy Veteran Medical Corpsman HM2, Vietnam War Steve Bradley was the guest speaker at the program. Petty Officer second-class Bradley was assigned to Fleet Marine 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Corps.

He acknowledged that his military career set the stage for everything that happened in life following his active duty service, and he moved to Prosser in 1971.

“I realized that my family suffered...maybe more than I did,” Bradley explained while he spoke about service members’ loved ones waiting at home for their safe return.

“They were never free from the anxiety, never free,” he passionately recalled.

The veteran spoke to the young people in the crowd about commitment and how nothing good happens without it. He challenged them to make a commitment to their family, country, community and to God.

“Our charge today is to continue to be people of faith, people who do good in the community that help strengthen and lift, and make things better,” Jim Musselman conveyed.

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