Foundation shows healthy growth

LINE DANCE DEMO — After spending the early part of the evening serving food to the more than 150 people attending the Sunnyside Christian School Foundation annual dinner last Thursday, the high school junior class kicked up their heels during an impromptu line dance demonstration. Part of the money raised from the dinner will sponsor the class’ Close-up trip to Washington D.C. in April.

SUNNYSIDE — An evening of good food, friendly conversation and bluegrass-gospel music was the setting for the 24th annual Sunnyside Christian School Foundation dinner last Thursday at the Sunnyside Christian Elementary School, 811 North Ave.

“In the past year, we have renovated bathrooms at the elementary school to conform with American Disabilities Act, as well as updated the building’s floors,” Foundation speaker Laura Eisenga reported during her report to the school’s stakeholders.

She gave a snapshot of the financial aid the foundation has contributed to the school, now in its 70-plus years of providing “Christ-centered education.”

The picture shows healthy growth “…and our projected cash gifts to the general fund is set at $76,882,” she predicted.

“Our actual gifts last year were $84,425,” she reported.

“Our commitment to reduce tuition and to provide scholarships remains strong,” Eisenga stated.

The keynote speaker informed that the SCS Foundation Scholarship funds is valued at $670,397. The SCS Foundation’s assets, as of March 1, totaled $1,948,732.

Following the hearty meal, the Beckman Family featuring Rachelle, mom and Jason, dad, along with seven of their children, played a wide range of gospel music and entertained the appreciative audience.

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