Jody Araguz: Riding the bus to school.

Paula DeLorme: My sister and I were riding motorcycles in the field next door. When we seen what was coming and had no idea what it was, we booked it for my parents’ house. That’s when we found out what was going on.

Carol Trubl: In Mexico to get married. Borders shut down and took a bit to come back home. As soon as we crossed the border in Texas, seeing our flags on so many Cars made me PROUD to be an American.

Cindy Palmer Waterman: Getting ready for work, my husband came in the room and said the towers in New York have been hit. I was glued to the TV at home and then with coworkers at work, came home watched, and weeks to come watched more, so heartbreaking… still today.

Oralia Cisneros: At home watching the horror on television.

Pat Borgens: Getting ready to go to work in Everett, Washington.

Raul Farias: At work. I didn’t find out till after I took a long nap when I got home.

Nayeli Gomez: School bus had broken down, so we were waiting for the other school bus to come.

Cierra Mendoza: School bus and I remember getting to school and it was on all the televisions.

Mel Abe: I was at FT. Bragg, NC. After a night shift as an Aircraft Electrician. My sister called me that morning and told me to turn on the T.V. I then told Her i had to go, it took three hours to get on post, the next day my Aviation unit deployed to Washington D.C. and six months later deployed to Afghanistan.

Dede Hill: I was sitting on the floor changing my son’s diaper. It’s probably the first time something distracted me from my child. I always told him that story and here he is currently in Marine bootcamp in San Diego wanting to defend our country.

Shannon Yanez: I was getting ready for school, my mother on the back porch. I was a senior in High School. Went to school that day more scared than I ever remember being. We knew my brother would be called up for a deployment as he was an Army Reserve Sergeant. Watched the first tower fall right before I walked out the door and the second tower in the library at Grandview High School.

Shel Durfey: Getting ready to go to school, sat and watched in horror of the news on TV. Yvcc cancelled classes.

Joe Lucki: Working.

Stacy Simmons: I was getting ready for work. Walked into the office about 29 minutes late because I was so zoned out by the news. No one notices I was late. It was on the office tv and everyone was crying. Office phones were dead that day. All we did was watch the news and cry together.

Brittan Moore: Ft. Peirce Florida. 5 miles from the Vero Beach Airport where the terrorist learned to fly. The airport shut down for an extended period of time and couldn’t get access to our private plane.

Jason Aguirre: Getting ready for school, thought it was a commercial for an end of world movie.

Kyle J Southwick: Then Lance Corporal Southwick of Marines was getting ready to snap in and shoot on the 500-yard line at the rifle range at 29 Palms, CA. Some random Marine came RUNNING up the berm telling everyone about the events that had just unfolded. I told him “I don’t get it. Where’s the punch line?” It took a while for me to wrap my head around the fact that he wasn’t telling a joke.

Reece Paulus: I was getting ready for school my sophomore year and my dad yelled at me from the top of the stairs to turn onto CNN that we were attacked, and a jet flew into the World Trade Center. I’ve seen the towers but didn’t know they were called that. As I was watching I saw the second jet fly into the second tower. It still gives me chills to think of that day.

Miryam Hurtado: I was getting ready to head to my bus stop and I remember walking across the living room and turning over to the TV and the images of things flying out of the buildings left a lasting impression. We watched the coverage in school as well.

Melba Fujiura: Working at the Lions Mobile screening unit at the parking lot at Lincoln/Washington school parking lot. Absolutely no one came except the local Lions members.

Fawn Downing: Got woke up by my brother cussing at the tv as he had just got home from working the air base. We were supposed to celebrate my sons first birthday.

Nathan DeBruin: Sleeping.

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