HOMEBODY LIVING — Dwayne Fisher, 81, originally from Spokane, spends his days watching television and reading his books. He has been enjoying his solitude and occasionally, will write short stories to keep his mind alert.

Described as a ‘homebody’ by the nurses at the Just Like Home Resident Care, Dwayne Fisher has found the COVID-19 precautions the facility has taken to protect the residents to be wonderful.

“We are the only outfit in the area that hasn’t had an outbreak of some kind,” the 81-year-old Spokane man shared during a phone interview on Jan. 22.

Fisher moved to the lower valley after retiring from teaching to move closer to his older brother of Grandview. The younger Fisher explained he had had a stroke, and his brother, who is older than Fisher by six years, took care of him until it became too difficult.

“So, he found this place,” Fisher said, adding he had been a resident at the facility for three years now.

The octogenarian had a colorful career in radio announcing for 20 years and had some experience with television, although not much he admitted.

For another 20 years, Fisher taught radio and television, journalism, speech, and drama along with general courses at the Spokane Skill Center.

The retired educator continues to regale residents and nurses with tales of the schoolyard, according to nurses Maricela Caballero and Amparo ‘Amy’ Mora.

“During lunch sometimes, he’ll start conversations about what he used to do, just kind of tell you a bit about his life. He engages well in conversation. He has really good stories!” Caballero said.

As high risk healthcare workers were in the first wave of vaccinations last month, the state is commencing with the second phased approach, Phase 1B Tier 1, which includes vaccinations for all people 65 years or older and all people 50 years or older in multigenerational households.

“We’re going to be vaccinated any day now. I signed forms the other day authorizing the vaccine,” Fisher imparted.

When asked what advice he would give to those who are hesitant to get the vaccine, “I didn’t have to tell anyone here to get a shot, everyone here is dying to get one!” the former radio personality jovially replied.

The hobbyist writer of farces and Westerns is a staunch believer in self-affirmation. “I like me,” he mused, “I don’t think that’s egotistical to like yourself at all. Especially if you look at being 81 years and say, ‘Yeah, I wasn’t too bad a guy.’”

To provide some advice to the younger generations, Fisher pulled inspiration from William Shakespeare himself.

“To thine own self be true.”

Elizabeth Sustaita can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 114 or email esustaita@sunnysidesun.com.

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