Granger Splash Park to open with fanfare

A computer-generated conceptual drawing shows what the Granger Splash Park will looks like.

GRANGER — Local children will have the opportunity for a summer cool-off in this community for the first time in nearly two decades beginning this weekend.

The city will celebrate the opening of its new Splash Park in Central Park on Main Street. The grand opening will kick off at 10 a.m. Saturday, June 9.

The park was made possible by the fund-raising efforts of the Swimming Pool Committee, Friends of Granger and city of Granger.

Construction was done by the city Public Works Department.

Granger had a pool from about 1935 to1999. It was closed in 2000 because of leaks that caused more and more problems. Eventually, city officials became concerned with liability and closed it without hope for a pool in the future.

Several community members kept hope alive by forming the Swimming Pool Committee to raise funds for a new pool.

They raised a decent amount of funding, but the cost of building a pool skyrocketed and the committee went for the Splash Park.

Friends of Granger, another driving force, and the city of Granger decided to join the committee to make the park a reality.

Youth won’t be able to swim in the Splash Park, but they will get plenty wet as the run among several stationary features spraying water on them.

According to the city’s Nancy Mortenson, the opening ceremony will begin with a ribbon cutting, followed by introductions and prizes for the children.

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