I Saw it in the Sun: April 9, 2020

April 6, 1990 — U.S. Postal window clerk Jerry Lamberte uses the new integrated Retail Terminal computer to weigh and track packages at the Sunnyside office. The new equipment will speed up window services by handling a number of steps automatically which were done manually before its installment.

April 1, 1920 – Yakima Valley Brokerage Company announced it had onion seed for sale and was still buying alfalfa hay.

Roy Scatcherd , new proprietor of the Pioneer Pharmacy in Sunnyside, announced plans to renovate his store and to include a soda fountain.

April 3, 1930 – Sunnyside Cannery announced it was expanding its lines in order to can green asparagus. A new cafeteria is one of the new additions as well as a new first aid room and more room for peeling and taking care of produce.

A deal was struck whereby W.E. Day obtained the distribution rights of Chrysler products in Sunnyside. The distribution was previously handled by the Sunnyside Motor Sales Company.

April 6, 1940 – Dale Green was to leave for an oratorical meeting in Olympia, to compete in the state oratorical contest. He was to be among ten contestants at the event.

April 5, 1950 – Welch’s purchased a process plant in Grandview to aid lower valley grape growers.

Sunnyside City Manager George Hubbert announced bleachers would be built next to the city swimming pool.

April 7, 1960 – Dates were named for Ben Snipes Day celebration in Sunnyside. The event was scheduled to be held June 4 and 5. Jack Cooper was named event chairman.

Joe Hoctor of Yakima was named Valley Chamber Association president. Al Munson of Grandview was chosen vice president.

April 2, 1970 – Sunnyside Education Association hired Roger Garrison as the group’s official negotiator as the association moved forward with salary talks with the school district.

The first asparagus cut of the season was delivered to the Andrus and Roberts Produce Company on March 30. The crop was delivered by E.C. Bush of Mabton. Asparagus acreage in the state was estimated at 117,000 acres. Farmers were receiving about 17 cents for number one grade produce.

April 1, 1980 – All seven members of the city Public Projects Commission were present at the meeting at city hall to discuss dust on Northwest Crescent and the introduction of a possible Local Improvement District (LID) on the street.

Bruce Peters, originally from Forest Grove , Ore., was hired to manage the local Western Farmers Plant in Sunnyside.

April 6, 1990 – Yakima Sheriff’s Office Lt. Mike Gill joined the Lower Yakima Valley detachment as substation administrator.

The Sunnyside Garden Club members spend several hours planting flower seeds in the planters in front of the Hillcrest Manor. Working on the project were Elaine Tucker, Laura Tollefson, Kimberly Tucker and Karen Tucker.

April 7, 2000 – Three charter busloads of striking Kaiser steelworkers along with several hundred union workers from Rosburg, Ore., marched outside the Valley Manufactured Homes’ Sunnyside plant. The union workers were rallying around the local union workers who had been on strike for nearly a year over labor contract talks.

A new greenhouse facility was projected to add 170 jobs in Mabton. Etera with headquarters in Mount Vernon developed an 80- acre land parcel on Allison Road with plans to build a 5,000,000 square foot greenhouse. The company specialized in growing and providing perennials to retail nurseries throughout the country.

April 6, 2010 – Lower Valley Riders Motorcycle Club donated numerous Easter Baskets to the Lower Valley Crisis and Support Services for clients’ children.

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