I Saw it in the Sun: November 18, 2020

Nov. 16, 2010, McOPEN — Sunnyside McDonald’s restaurant was reopened after being closed several months for demolishment to make room for a new expanded McDonald’s, which included an indoor playground.

Nov. 14, 1920 — Sunnyside celebrated its second anniversary of the cessation of the hostilities between the Allies and Germany on Armistice Day. The celebration began with a parade, that traveled along Mayhew and Sixth Street.

The old wooden water mains on Seventh Street were dug up to be replaced with iron pipes. The water mains pipes were to be moved to the side of the streets to improve access for repairs.

Nov. 14, 1930 — The Sunnyside Grizzlies lost to Toppenish during the annual Armistice Day football game. The final score was 6-0.

Construction began on the Outlook School with the first spade of dirt dug by Chas Burnette, chairman of the Outlook School Board. The $24,000 building was designed to have a 400-person capacity auditorium and eight classrooms.

Nov. 14, 1940 — The official list of draft members arrived in Sunnyside and included names from the Yakima Valley. The list included names of Ivan Lester Brook, Max Levi Dalrymple, Arthur LeRoy Hill, and Vernon Taylor, all of Sunnyside.

Nov. 14, 1950 — About 1224 Sunnyside residents turned out to vote during the general election. The number accounted for 50 percent Sunnyside registered voters.

Nov. 14, 1960 — Fundraising to build the proposed $400,000 Sunnyside General Hospital on Saul Road got under way. The hospital will serve patients from Prosser to Wapato and would feature 20-beds.

Nov. 14, 1970 — Three possible routes for I-82 were discussed before 300 people at Washington School. One route went north of both Sunnyside and Grandview, one went south of both cities. The final choice went south of Sunnyside and veered north of Grandview.

A survey of the graduating class of 1970 showed that 59 percent of students pursued post high school education. The survey accounted for all but five of the 296 seniors.

Nov. 14, 1980 — Sunnyside firefighters were called out to a fire at the Yakima County Sheriff Office on 13th Street. The cause of the fire was unknown. The damage estimate was set at between $5,000 to 8,000.

Nov. 13, 1990 — Work was reported to be moving smoothly on the new 50- meter swimming pool under construction in Central Park.

Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce set up a computer software learning center to provide business owners the opportunity to try out software and hardware packages.

Nov. 12, 2000 — The Sunnyside’s Veterans of Memorial Plaza was renamed to honor former Sunnyside Mayor Jerry Taylor.

Dennis Birr was named principal of Sunnyside High School after principal Bob Thomas retired.

Nov. 19, 2010 — Sunnyside chef Roger Hazzard was named the “best of the best” among Mid Columbia’s best fresh chefs. The owner of Bon Vino's Bistro and Bakery LLC, Hazzard competed in a field of 10 chefs in the region.

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