I Saw it in the Sun: October 14, 2020

Oct. 8, 2010, SHE FINISHED FIRST — Bickleton High School senior Christina Wilson stayed ahead of the cross-country pack at the Granger High School meet held at Granger’s Hisey. Park. She finished with a time of 22:46.

Oct. 14, 1920 – Safecrackers broke into the Speck-Buick Garage at Seventh Street. They blew apart the company safe and escaped with $100 in cash.

Oct. 14, 1930 – There was a large turnout for the celebration honoring the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Harrison. Mr. Harrison was credited with helping to start the first-ever bank in Sunnyside. He also headed the development of Harrison Hill.

Oct. 14, 1940 – Despite the war in Europe, wheat growers announced plans to grow the same number of acres in 1941 as were planted in 1940.

A wild stallion that gained legendary fame in the lower valley for roaming around the area foothills with a brood of mares was finally captured. He was sold at auction to Clayton Speck of Sunnyside, who promptly set the stallion free back into the wild

Oct. 14, 1950 – The Sunnyside Community Chest’s fundraising goal topped $10,000.

Oct. 14, 1960 – Governor Albert Rosellini was in Mabton to dedicate a new five-acre park.

The top three three-game series for the week at the Sunnyside bowling alley was a 589 series by Byron Meador.

Oct. 14, 1970 – Noble Funk had to leave his seat on the city council when he moved outside city limits. Reece Thomas was in as his replacement.

Senior Sandee Lutjemeirer was crowned Sunnyside High School Homecoming Queen.

Oct. 14, 1980 – Darin Dietrich returned an opening kick-off 92 yards for a touchdown, accounting for Sunnyside’s Grizzly football team’s only score in the 47-7 loss to the Eastmont Wildcats.

Linda Martin was named the head coach of the Sunnyside Gymnastics Association, which opened in a gym in the former Wester Auto Building in downtown Sunnyside.

Oct. 14, 1990 – Yakima County received an $88,000 state matching grant to build a park on property along Yakima Valley Highway between Sunnyside and Grandview.

Oct. 14, 2000 – The State Department of Revenue was asked to intervene when the Sunnyside faced a $438,576 shortfall due to a miscalculation in the city’s property tax ordinance.

Oct. 15, 2010 – Yakima Valley Fair and Rodeo supporters were honored at the annual foundation banquet. Volunteers honored were Clarice Grove, Sandy Freepons, Delores Bonny, Helene Ziegler, Jess Hall, and Brad Bonny.

Sunnyside High School seniors Joscelyn Martinez and Marisol Velazquez were set to compete at the Miss Washington Teen USA Pageant held in Burien.

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