Showing off their twin sons born Aug. 6, under unusual circumstances, Diego Razo and Vanessa Valdez of Mattawa are just happy both boys are healthy.

SUNNYSIDE — After sharing the same space for nine months, brothers Razo couldn’t decide who should be born first. They arrived in the birth canal vertex and breech.

By the time their mother Vanessa Valdez of Mattawa went into labor at Astria Sunnyside Hospital Tuesday, Aug. 6, the Baby A, later named Arian, was head down but Baby B (Elian) was bottom down, which caused his mother and their doctor some concern about their eventual delivery.

In that situation most obstetricians would choose to perform a C-section, Astria Sunnyside Hospital spokesman Ashleigh Oswalt said.

However, Valdez and her physician Miquel Brizuela chose not to go the invasive C-section route.

“I was told because the babies each had their own ‘sac’, (vaginal) delivery was the safest for them and for me,” said Valdez, who was up and ready to go home just two days after their birth.

Had she had a C-section, her hospital stay might have lasted four days, and she would have been in recovery for weeks, not days.

The twin vaginal delivery is becoming less common because the lack of experience new providers and C-section is often considered the main mode of delivery.

However, in this case, Brizuela and the OB nursing staff worked to keep both babies and the mom safe during delivery.

The babies, who were born at 8 p.m., just four minutes apart, are named Arian Saeed, and Elian Mauricio.

Happy with his twin sons, Father Diego Razo said he is now having a hard time keeping the babies separate.

“I still have to rely on their ‘A’ and ‘B’ bracelets to determine which is which,” he said.

Valdez and Razo, who met at dance in Pasco nine years ago, said that twins are found on both sides of their families.

The identical twins arrived under uncommon conditions are now learning to stretch out in their new environment.

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