Jan McDonald

Jan McDonald has touched most areas of the Grandview community for more than 15 years. The Tri-Cities area is the locale of Jan and husband, Dennis’ new home and she will continue her John Maxwell coaching touch there.

GRANDVIEW — Jan McDonald, former Grandview Life Options CEO, city councilor and prodigious community volunteer, has shifted her career focus over the past two years. Last Wednesday she added two new designations to her life transitions and stellar resume – those of published author and Tri-Cities homeowner.

McDonald said she heard a persistent, interior voice asking her to take notice of new ideas and feelings. She spent time listening, time in prayer, time talking with husband, Dennis. She felt, after lengthy exploration, God was asking her to take on a new vocation.

This decision was not the kind McDonald admits to always making. She shared her professional moves have often been “. . . sometimes unplanned and sometimes, very fast.”

After 18 months as Life Options Center Director, she was approached by board leadership to become its next CEO.

“CEO, I thought,” said McDonald. “What do I know about being a CEO?”

Though edgy, she said she was never afraid. She understood a straight up learning curve was coming, but also knew her faith, abilities, experience and support network would allow her to excel.

As new CEO, McDonald said she was certain of one thing: she wanted much more for her community and her organization. Over her 15 years with the organization McDonald, grew Life Options from a two-person, single focus, non-profit to a multi-dimensional, eight employee strong organization serving women through all phases of their reproductive lives.

McDonald has mettle.

She is an individual who speaks candidly about her chaotic youth, “I was a 1960’s hippie girl living in a time of free love and nonsense,” said McDonald. She said her years of binging on risky combinations of drugs and alcohol, led her to the basement of her life and God and a newfound faith elevated her up, but over time.

The former alcoholic celebrated her 30th anniversary of sobriety this past Monday, Aug. 12.

McDonald spent from 2017 to 2019 earning her John Maxwell national ‘Performance Coach, Consultant and Speaker’ certifications.

She launched her consulting services to area organizations and businesses, with success.

This success, though small, was enough to allow McDonald the leap from a steady CEO income, to an intermittent, solo practitioner wage.

To calm nerves, McDonald converted her daily quiet time to write about the Bible’s fruits of the spirit, which in the McDonald way, became a self-published book, out last Wednesday. The new publication, titled, Fruitful Leadership,” is found on Amazon or her janmcdonald.com website.

During McDonald’s work transition, husband, Dennis, also a Grandview city councilor, ended his council tenure and took a position in Tri-Cities, necessitating a daily commute. This series of life changes helped the couple make the relocation decision.

A new home with “perfect yellow walls,” awaits the tireless adventurer and coach before the end of August. It was a harried, hurried house hunting search involving dozens of homes in the heat of summer.

“Did I lose patience,” responded McDonald asking how the search went, “Yes, always. Did I lose my faith the right thing would happen? Absolutely never.”

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