Museum shelving completed for storing town history

Steven Hartshorn and John Myers work on building bookcases at the Grandview Museum from repurposed materials. The shelves will hold the museum’s collection of books and scrapbooks containing the history of the community.

GRANDVIEW — Thanks to volunteers the Grandview Museum, 115 W. Wine Country Road, has new shelving to show off the vast collection of books, papers and scrapbooks containing the history of the community.

City Parks and Recreation Director Gretchen Chronis said volunteers moved a set of old bookcases from the original Grandview Museum facility.

They saw a need for more shelving. So, using piles of recycled lumber, they built new ones. So far, three 6’x3’ bookcases have been constructed.

In addition to materials removed from the old museum, Dick Herriman donated plywood shelving and, according to him, the material was “stored for many years from a remodel of the Smith School Library.”

The Herrimans are longtime supporters of the museum efforts.

“They have so kindly donated time, material and artifacts to our museum for many years,” Chronis said.

Volunteers have accrued 60 skilled woodworking labor hours in this project, she said. 

She said the design of useful materials from recycled materials is a specialty of the wood working team at the museum.  

“It is a valuable talent to be able to look at used materials and “visualize” how they can be repurposed into new and useful items. We are fortunate to have folks with that aptitude in Grandview,” Chronis said.

There is more to do.

The volunteers have two more bookcases to build and are starting in on four mobile display cases, each with 48 cubic feet of display area.

By the time the work is completed this winter, the supply of recycled materials will be exhausted.

Those wishing to donate funds to help the museum are encouraged to stop by during operating hours, 2-4 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Chronis said those interested in volunteering at the Museum can call her at 509-882-9219.

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