Non-profit group buys local senior housing

Doris and Jack Hinderlider relax in their apartment at Sunnyside Manor II.

SUNNYSIDE — A non-profit community development organization just a few weeks ago purchased a local senior living housing complex.

Sunnyside Manor II, located in the 900 block of South Fourth Street, has been purchased by Spokane Housing Ventures, which secured $480,00 from the Des Moines Branch of Federal Home Loan Bank.

The 12-unit apartment complex is made up of one and two-bedroom residences for seniors.

It will be managed in conjunction with the 24-unit Sunnyside Manor I, which is at 808 S. Fourth St. That complex is already owned by Spokane Housing Ventures.

“With the purchase of Sunnyside Manor II, we continue the preservation of affordable senior housing in the Sunnyside community,” Senior Developer Dave Roberts said.

He said the organization is dedicated to continuing to provide affordable senior housing to the community, as well as providing maintenance and management to the properties.

Jack and Doris Hinderlider are residents at Sunnyside Manor II. They have hopes that Roberts’ organization will be a benefit to them and those living in the apartments.

Although the Hinderliders enjoy living there, there have been several rent increases in the past five years.

“When Social Security payments increase, it seems rent increases,” Mrs. Hinderlider said.

“We have easy access to downtown, and we had hoped to have more social activities,” she said. “Otherwise, this is a nice place to live.”

To complete the transition, Spokane Housing Ventures is looking for additional funding with hopes of being in control of the complex by next year.

Both complexes are Section 521 USDA Rental Assistance Program qualified. Those living in the facilities must be 62 or older or be disabled. They also must meet income criteria.

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