PRINCESS LEADERSHIP — The Princess Theatre has restructured to better serve the historic theatre’s patronage. Introducing the new team: Left to right, Bob Whitt, Facilities Director, Paul Brooks, Education Director, Larelle Michener, Publicity and Marketing Director, Jim Milne, Executive Director and Fundraising Director, Shara Forrister, Events Director and Kimberly Starr, Artistic Director.

PROSSER — Following two and a half illuminating years as a Front End Manager at the Houston, Texas, Hobby Center, Jim Milne, the new Princess Theatre Executive Director has relocated to Prosser, loaded with expanded ideas. Milne, who served a golden tenure as Prosser’s Chamber Executive Director from 2006-2013, is in the process of sharing his big city experiences with his Princess leadership team.

The team which restructured in August, is laser focused on goals, short and long, small and large. Rising to the very top are two new offerings: the Street to Seat concierge service and the Community Education Program.

Both programs are in the preparation and fine-tuning stages, according to Milne. The Princess Access Team is devoted to expanding inclusiveness. According to Milne, the team will dedicate itself to removing barriers of every type for individuals who may be challenged with mobility, sight, hearing, sensory, other abilities. The Street to Seat access team will, for each show, create a temporary parking space in front of the theatre for patron drop offs near the door with an escort to their seat, and back again.

“We need to be, and plan to be, 100 percent inclusive in every possible way,” Milne noted. “Theatre exists to serve all.”

The Princess Education Program will launch soon as January 2020, Milne stated. Spearheaded by Education Director Paul Brooks, initial courses are being readied by Brooks’ and his team for the community to participate and savor. While definitive course names are not entirely available, “Superheroes,” is one class theme, Milne said he is able to share.

Courses will be open for every age, and all artistic genres, with the exception of dancing, Milne said. Acting, impromptu, singing, videography, photography, arts production, singing; the possibilities are open.

As is the nature of any busy non-profit, volunteers are needed for all areas of the theatre’s curriculum, including the upcoming Street to Seat and Community Education programs.

To volunteer, contact the Princess by message on its Facebook page or call 509-786-2180.

Deb Brumley can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 114 or email

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