CREATIVE VEGGIES — Seth Ball spends time lining up the veggie cars into a train while waiting to take a turn in Saturday’s “A to Zucchini” derby races held at the Prosser Farmers Market.

PROSSER — While the idea of a “A to Zucchini” Derby Race” was to see which vegetable was the fastest on the race chutes, three-year-old Seth Ball was more interested in eating the veggies.

Fresh farmers market carrots were his favorite. He also spent some time making a choo-choo train of the vegetables and fruits offered at the races.

A variety of vegetables were attached to a wheeled flatbed and placed on a downhill racetrack. Participants raced everything from zucchini, to cucumbers and carrots to corn. Although heavier, corn, because of its shape, was one of the faster veggies down the chute.

Sam Blom, 7, another of the local youth taking part in Saturday’s derby, said his zucchini was faster than the cucumber in his race.

The races, hosted by Historic Downtown Prosser Association (HDTPA) with director Jesalyn Cole and board member Sue Derryberry providing veggie crew support, was just one of the fun activities offered at the Saturday market this summer.

“We’re celebrating National Farmer’s Market Week Aug. 10, and then kids really will be encouraged to eat market foods,” announced Derryberry, who said she would also be promoting a rainbow of food choices, all of which can be found at the many vendor stalls.

Birthday cake will also be served, she added.

Good and bad bugs demonstrations will be offered in September. The Pumpkin Palooza will be held in October.

The market, held at 1329 Sommer Ave., is open from 8 a.m. to noon each Saturday through Oct. 12.

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