SUNNYSIDE — The Fifth annual Sunnyside Summer Ale Fest provided attendees, 21 and older, with a downtown taste of microbrews, wine and cider pared with an eclectic, mobile food menu and live Northwest country music at Centennial Park this past Saturday from 5-10 p.m.

Seeking to support and uphold youth activities, the Daybreak Rotary Club has been building momentum in their efforts to build a new city center skateboard park. The club hosted the community benefit, and proceeds from the evening will be added to the club’s rolling total.

“We’ve been raising money for a new skate park for the last several years,” Rotary Club member Ben Eisenga commented as he surveyed the park scape.

“It’s going to take another event or two to get there, but we’re well on our way now.”

More than 200 tickets were pre-ordered, and this year’s event drew close to 600 people, who gathered to celebrate the natural beauty and rich bounty of the sunshine inspired region.

The crowd has continued to grow over the years, establishing the benefit as the club’s most prestigious social activity.

Summer Ale Fest Imperial sponsor Fred and Ann Whitney made a $20,000 contribution towards the Sunnyside Skate Park last Christmas in 2018. Their generous donation and continued support bolstered the club’s goal of raising $300,000 for the project.

There were 14 breweries and five eateries, along with music by Miller Campbell, showcasing the evening’s purpose for creating a city center skateboard park where youth can drop in and grind away on the half pipe without any worries, but having a cool time.

Sunnyside Daybreak Rotary is a community service club that meets Wednesday mornings at 7 a.m. at Bon Vino’s Bistro and Bakery, 112 N. 16th St.

Patrick Shelby can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 110 or email

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