GRANGER — Granger held its’ 16th Annual Menudo Fest in Hisey Park last Sunday, Sept. 1. It was a busy day in Granger. In addition to the menudo cook-off, a volleyball tournament, car show, food vendors, and live music were featured. The family fun began at 10 a.m. and continued until 5 p.m.

The full day of activities is a traditional part of Granger’s Labor Day weekend celebration.

The flavorful menudo for sale was offered by the Granger Chamber of Commerce and prepared by Teresa and Roy Cardenas.

Roy Cardenas has been involved for more than five years and has helped set up the cook-off contest.

Roy said, “We randomly pick five people to do the judging. . . it’s better if somebody never tried it before.” He spoke of the importance of the color, flavor, aroma, and overall ingredients which contribute to a winner decision.

This year’s contest had 18 entrants and three top place finishers.

Joe Torrez took first place, Clara Sanchez, second, with Pat Villa in third. These winners took home $300, $200 and $100 respectively, for the recipes.

The co-ed volleyball contest had a successful turnout with eight teams. Team Castro of Granger finished in first place, The Backyardigans, also of Granger, second and Los San Patricios, of Pasco in third.

Included in the festivities was lively music from DJ A.D.G, a fire truck which showered kids with water and a beer garden for all adults.

Brothers, Patrick Cardenas and Robert Cardenas oversaw the well-attended car show.

The impressive show ranged from tricked out trucks to classic low riders. Tosh McDonald spoke about his love for cars and interest to support his local community. He submitted his pale blue, light purple ‘64 Chevy Impala for consideration. His participation was fueled by his lifelong love for cars.

The team of individuals who helped make the event possible was Granger Chamber of Commerce President, Laurence Guisinger. He spoke of the efforts for the annual fest and what it meant to him, “(It) provides a great atmosphere to celebrate here in Granger some of the culture, local businesses, vendors, and community groups.”

Unfortunately, the 5k run was cancelled this year due to lack of entries but will be included in the lineup of the 2020 festivities, said organizers.

The event was a fun-filled day for the hundreds who attended. Planners for the event hope to include more organized kids’ tournaments in the future and continue to grow the festival overall, each year.

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