GRANGER — David Pearson brought his sons, Charlie, 6, and Robbie, 4, to the Hisey Dinosaur Park this past Saturday to get dirty on purpose.

The boys were among the more than 60 volunteers to take turns dabbing wet clumps of cement into the wire frame of a Saurapelta, one of the smaller of the ancient creatures to walk the Yakima Valley.

“This is the second year I’ve brought the boys out for the (Dino-in-a-Day) event,” Pearson said.

“I worked on the tail, head and feet” Charlie added, while enjoying a snow cone with a buried toy dinosaur inside.

“It’s their treat for helping,” said dad.

City Public Works Director Jody Luke, who launched the city’s dinosaur-theme in 1994, said getting families out to work on the dino projects is a great event.

“It gives the residents and visitors a sense of pride and ownership in the creatures,” he said.

For some, like Isabel Sanchez of Yakima, the first Saturday of June outing is a continuation of a family activity started by her mother.

Now, the 33-year-old mother of four brings her girls to take part in building the dinosaurs.

“We come every year,” she said.

The dinosaurs are more than just landmarks in the town. They attract visitors from all over the world, Luke said.

“I think our furthest visitors were from England to see our statutes,” he added.

The 25-foot-long Saurapelta is the 36th creation to join the city’s collection of dinosaurs.

When cured, it will be placed near one of the newer businesses in town, Mayor Jose Trevino said.

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