BICKELTON — Community Day, sponsored by the ACPA Pioneer Carousel Museum, will be held on Saturday, September 4, 2021.

Cars and all vehicles are invited to come to a Meet & Greet, where Market Street will be closed off to enable people to park their vehicles for sharing and visiting with others. This year there will not be a juried car show as in the past, nor any trophies. Maybe that will be back next year.

The church sew ladies have a bazaar planned with their products and also a flea/vendor market in the Grange Hall and parking lot. The Rebekah ladies will again be selling their luscious pies with ice cream and coffee at the Lodge Hall. A chance to win a pie will be drawn at 2 p.m. Also, at that time the chance to win one of six beautiful prizes will be announced.

There will be a few other garage sales on the street. The Sunshine Outpost, a wonderful shop of home crafts made of recycled wood and metal will be open as well as a new store called the Second Chance Thrift Store. Food is available from the Market Street Café and the Bluebird Inn.

The museum is looking forward to showing off many new displays that have been donated the last two years since the shutdown. There is a group of original art by the late Larry George of Wapato on loan, a new “covered wagon” donated from Goldendale and an exciting section of Wild Life of Eastern Klickitat County.

Come and spend the day in the hills of Bickleton.

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