The Sunnyside High School Drama Club is putting on their first show of the school year, ‘Peter and the Star Catcher.’

Advisor Corey Murphy says it’s essentially a prequel to Peter Pan and sets up the story that so many people know.

“The veterans are very happy to be back on stage,” said Murphy. “We have quite a few new people in the program, especially in the crew, but it is a small cast.”

He noted that the past year has been particularly challenging with getting kids into the program, but that this year’s performances will be in line with state guidance which will not require masks of the performers during the show.

“When I announced the mask change (to fall in line with sports and cheer) there were cheers and smiles!”

Since the pandemic began, the club has been recording shows and then releasing a digital copy, something Murphy says he’s not as familiar with.

“I work with live theatre, so it has been amazing to get back to nearly normal.”

The shows are November 5-6, and 11-13 at 7:00 p.m. in the high school auditorium.

Cast List:

Boy/Peter: MJ Johnson

Black Stache: Colton Morrow

Molly: Sara Waywell

Smee: Celeste Tlatelpa

Prentiss: Tayler Bonzi

Ted: Sami Jo Mendoza

Lord Aster: Patrick Wise

Mrs. Bumbrake: Alejandro Alviso-Gonzalez

Captain Scott: Michael Castro

Grempkin: Mike Sanchez

Slank: Gabriel Schenck

Alf: Samantha Huerta

Mack: Jj Ayala

Sanchez: Lissaundra Caridad

Fighting Prawn: Gabriel Schenck

Hawking Clam: Mike Sanchez

Teacher: Sara Waywell


Lissaundra Caridad

Vanessa Leon Guerrero

Isaac Cardenas

JJ Ayala-Santiago

Joselyn Tlatelpa

Melia Alvarez

Adri Solano

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