GRANDVIEW — A community day of service drew more than 250 volunteers to lend a hand on city-wide projects with dedicated purpose for creating an environment of cooperation on Saturday morning, bright and early.

“Community day of service is to bring our community together, create goodwill, accomplish something that’s positive and be an example to the youth,” Grandview Rotary member Gary Christensen affirmed.

This year’s project list encompassed a collective group of meaningful assignments, which were focused with inspired intentions in producing hometown pride and civic achievement.

The family friendly event gathered inside the city’s Community Center, located at 812 Wallace Way, by 7:30 a.m. and kicked off the neighborhood service rally of project assignments.

“The idea is to give everybody a taste of being able to be part of something great in the community and hopefully now, they want more,” Grandview Rotary member Carmen Anders described.

An expansive cross section of volunteers, including Grandview High School students led by Principal Kim Casey and fellow teachers displayed a charismatic enthusiasm to make a difference.

Anders made about 500 cookies which were inserted into individual thank you bags while the leadership organization served hundreds of hot dogs, chips and bottled water to hungry service workers.

By the end of the service day, scores of volunteers donated over a combined 1,000 hours and completed 21 projects.

“Building upon the positivity of what comes out of that experience and how that feeling goes beyond of what you see. Now, it’s salted into their hearts,” City of Grandview Assistant Public Works Director Todd Dorsett acknowledged.

Once the goal-oriented tasks were accomplished and the sense of achievement realized, the service day struck a powerful chord for those seeking to maintain the sustained rhythm of the event.

“My big goal now is to find people to start an adopt a park program,” Anders confidently stated.

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