New allergy testing, treatments available

An allergy testing and treatment program is now available at Astria Sunnyside Hospital.

The new program will be overseen by Board-Certified Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist, and Head and Neck Surgeon Dr. Suzanne Cleland-Zamudio at the Astria Health Center located at 2705 E. Lincoln Ave., Suite B in Sunnyside.

For 25 percent of all Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, allergy symptoms can occur anytime in life, from infancy to old age.

Allergies can be caused by particles of dust, pollen, grass, pet dander, mold and other allergens in our everyday environment.

When the body rallies its defense system to expel allergens, medicines can help relieve the symptoms in most cases.

The hospital now offers allergy testing as well as immunotherapy for allergies that allow the body’s immune system to build a defense against these antigens and, over time, achieve better systematic relief by addressing the root cause of allergies.

Testing is painless and can be done in one visit. The allergy tests are quick, simple and no needles are involved.

Healthcare providers can identify specific allergies within 15 minutes of testing, after which point clinicians will order a customized prescription for the patient.

In addition to testing for environmental allergens like pet dander, mold and food allergies, this allergy test is specially tailored to the allergens present in the Yakima Valley.

These tests can determine which of the unique plants, trees and grasses present in our area are the cause of a patient’s seasonal allergies.

Allergy treatment options offered at the center include sublingual immunotherapy and regular allergy shots.

Sublingual drops are a small amount of liquid antigen, that are put under the tongue (sublingually) every day and administered by the patient at home or wherever they may travel.

Oral allergy drops are natural, safe, pain-free and practically tasteless, making them a non-invasive and effective allergy solution for people of all ages.

Allergy shots are a more conventional allergy treatment option and have been used in the U.S. traditionally. Allergy shots are also available at the center.

Patients might see long-lasting results from treatment. Care providers say that in four years, many patients find that their allergies go into remission and treatment can be stopped.

For further information or to make an appointment, call Astria Health Center at 509-837-1524 or visit to learn more. 

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