Brittany Byma

Brittany Byma, LMT/CPT/Wellness Coach

Not only are habits important, but they also grow stronger and stronger over time and become more and more automatic. So, make sure you have the right ones.

“Power habits” are powerful because they create positive neurological cravings. A certain behavior is rewarded by the release of “pleasure” chemicals in the brain.

Power habits consist of three elements: a cue, a routine, and a reward. Understanding these components can help in understanding how to change bad habits or form good ones.

The habit loop is always started with a cue – a trigger that transfers the brain into a mode that automatically determines which habit to use. The cue can be a workday morning – waking up and getting out of bed to your alarm first time it goes off will be the cue, making your bed will be the trigger, and then transfers you into your routine.

Start building these simple yet essential habits for a happier and more productive life:

• Create a morning ritual. Including these 4 important tasks: make your bed, journal, meditate, and exercise.

• Follow the 80/20 rule regarding nutrition.

• Read, read, read.

• Learn to single-task and execute each task one by one.

• Appreciate more.

• Surround yourself with positive people.

• Make time for self-care.

• Master the art of listening.

• Affirmations which include saying, writing, and believing positive statements. Examples such as: “I believe in my dreams,” “I am doing my best every day,” “I love myself for who I am,” “I am in charge of my own happiness,” “I accept 100% responsibility for my own life,” “The best is yet to come,” and “I am grateful for every day.”

Think of your life as a business – you’re the boss, and bosses don’t call in! It may keep you accountable when it comes to these things.

Investing in yourself is one of the most important things you can do, and the most important tasks like these are free!

Brittany Byma is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Wellness Coach. Brittany can be reached at 509-830-7326.

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