Brittany Byma

Brittany Byma, LMT/CPT/Wellness Coach

Have you wondered why your lower back tends to ache after standing or even sitting for a long time? Lower back pain may be an indication that you might be suffering from muscle imbalances or weak core.

Common signs of a weak core or muscles include poor posture, bad balance, low endurance for standing, shortness of breath, and weakness of the body.

Here are 10 benefits to bringing strength and resistance training into your life.

• Improved fat loss – helps keep the weight off longer (helps you lose and maintain weight).

• Enhance your mood and reduce stress.

• Gain strength and coordination – not just improving athletic performance, but day-to-day tasks will become easier.

• Reduce your risk of injury, back pain and arthritis.

• Reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

• Helps your body burn calories more efficiently. (Re-works your anabolic system to change the way you store energy.)

• Helps protect bone density and muscle mass.

• Helps you develop good body mechanics. Thus, reducing injury risk.

• Improves range of motion in joints.

• Building muscle mass (hypertrophy) thus creating a leaner healthier YOU!

Examples of muscle strengthening activities include lifting weights, working with resistance bands, heavy gardening, such as digging and shoveling, climbing stairs, hill walking, cycling, dancing, and fundamental exercises that include pushing (pressing away from you), pulling (tugging toward you), hip-hinges (bending from the middle), squats (flexing at the knee), and planks.

You can do these activities at home, gym, work, anytime throughout the day to increase your muscle productivity.

It is recommended to get on a regular strength training basis as little as two to three times a week and build from there.

Remember, rest is very important when incorporating a strength training regimen. Listening to your body and how it responds, and consulting with your physician before starting is recommended.

Stay well.

Brittany Byma is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, and Wellness Coach. Brittany can be reached at 509-830-7326 or visit

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