They may be unwritten, but there are definitely rules in place for attending estate and yard sales.

No one knows that better than Sunnyside’s most popular estate sale organizer, Whitney Brown. For the last 28 years Brown has organized and conducted her share of yard and estate sales up and down the Lower Valley.

This coming weekend (May 14-16) Brown will host what she calls the mother lode of all estate sales, to be held at the corner of 13th Street and East Edison Avenue.

Selling a houseful of more than 100 years of collecting, furniture, household items, decorative items and “…who knows what else,” Brown has already issued her edicts on estate sales manners.

Number one: Bring cash and leave your big purse at home. Put your money in your pocket.

Number two: Bring your own totes, boxes and wrapping materials.

Number three: Maybe most important – be respectable of other shoppers and their piles of selected items. Shopping in those is a definite no-no.

Number four: Leave small children at home. Also, if you break something, you’ve just brought it.

One of Brown’s pet peeves is those shoppers who simply won’t respect the “no early bird” rule.

Aggressive shoppers are also on her list of pet peeves. Those individuals need to be reminded that the sale is being held to aid the family, especially when it comes to an estate sale, Brown explained.

“I’m not above making good deals, but the bottom line is I’m here to make money for the family, not to give away the farm,” she said.

“Don’t block the driveway,” warns Brown, “unless you’re loading up your purchases.”

And lastly, please observe the start and stop times of a sale. Brown said her team of helpers usually arrive well ahead of the shoppers and when it is time to close the sales – they are done.

“Closed means closed,” she said.

And remember, when shopping at estate or yard sales, “one woman’s junk” can very well be the treasure you have been looking for, so enjoy shopping.

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