Trellis gardening doubling local’s growing space

The garden fencing works well for trellising tomatoes.

SUNNYSIDE — This time last year, the trellised garden in her backyard was buckling under the weight of growing produce.

But this year, Sarah Wise of Decatur Avenue decided to create an arch, which has served two purposes.

The trellis doubled her garden space and has allowed her to over-plant the small backyard plot.

By adding the arch, she successfully reinforced her trellising efforts.

Adding a dripped irrigation system on timers has also added to the increased productivity of Wise’s garden.

“The addition of the drip system has made the garden very happy,” the mother of six said.

Her garden of tomatoes, cucumbers and cantaloupes are all trellised, taking the vining plants into the air, while leaving room below for such vegetables as carrots, bell peppers and onions.

“I’ve been harvesting fresh tomatoes for weeks,” she said. “… along with chili peppers and various herbs.”

She recently started her second planting of vegetables, included more carrots and celery to be harvested near the end of the growing season.

Her gardening efforts also include a good supply of zucchini, some corn, a few melons, acorn squash and Swiss chard, all planted in nearby raised beds.

In total, she has four beds of which two are dedicated to the trellised vegetables.

“We can have fresh food on the table every night,” she said.

Wise also takes advantage of the downtown Farmer’s market. To help supplement her grocery bills.

Wise is now experimenting with plantings of blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. She is also growing a variety of dwarfed fruit trees in her backyard.

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