I Saw it in the Sun: December 16, 2020

Dec. 17, 2010, LIGHTING THE WAY — A giant star lighting the Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church lawn on East Lincoln Avenue reminds motorists of the reason for the season. The music by violinist Jamie Jorge was included as a part of the church’s drive-thru living nativity program.

Dec. 17, 1920 – Nearly 200 people attended a musical recital presented by Mrs. C.M. at the Sunnyside Baptist Church.

Construction on the new Sunnyside High School gymnasium was running behind schedule causing the first home game on its courts to be relocated to the Granger High School gym.

Dec. 17, 1930 – Warren McMinimee of Outlook, a student at Willamette University in Oregon, was selected to attend the National Student Federation of America conference in Atlanta, Ga.

The Sunnyside Inn managed by Mrs. Schlosser Kirk reopened its doors to guests with the addition of a French chef.

Dec. 17, 1940 – W. Marvin Goss of Seattle took over management of the Planters Hotel Coffee Shop in downtown Sunnyside.

Dr. C.A. Hughes was collecting clothes for British refugees of the war in Europe. The drive was being organized by the Sunnyside Business and Professional Women’s Club.

Dec. 17, 1950 – Sunnyside High School’s Hilbert Wyatt carpentry class students helped build a radio building for the school radio station.

Kenneth Crossland of Grandview was re-elected president of the Washington State Turkey Show held in Sunnyside.

Dec. 17, 1960 – Sunnyside Masonic Temple Lodge No. 138 elected Herbert Haas as Worshipful Master for the upcoming Masonic year. Haas replaced Albert DeYoung.

Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Schallhorn of Sunnyside celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. The couple was married in Canada in 1900.

Dec. 17, 1970 – Sunnyside’s Western Farmers Poultry Plant processed nearly all the turkeys raised in Washington state for the holiday season.

Army Specialist Four Michael C. Bedker of Mabton earned the Air Medal near Phuoc Vinh, Vietnam for heroism in action while engaged in an aerial fight.

Dec. 17, 1980 – Governor-elect John Spellman announced that Sunnyside resident Betty Storslee had joined his Transition Advisory Group.

The new Yakima County District Court facility was scheduled to open at 505 S. Seventh St.

Dec. 17, 1990 – Mabton School District Superintendent Dale Knott and Police Chief Hugh Roberts announced they had seen no gang activity in the community.

Dec. 17, 2000 — Sunnyside Noon Rotary Club spent its noon meeting wrapping holiday gifts for eight of 21 families adopted by the club.

Dec. 17, 2010 – Grandview Police Department honored Robert Colley as Officer of the Year with Christina Boast named Dispatcher of the Year and Gary Barnett named Reserve Officer of the Year.

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