I Saw it in the Sun: January 15, 2020

JAN. 1960 — In a report about the 1958 Yakima Valley farm production, this photograph showing a typical hop picking machine. The report said the 1959 crop had been better than the previous year, even though the prices had been slightly lower.

Jan. 15, 1920 — Two men sought in connection with the murder of Ernest Newcomb were arrested in Tacoma where they had been hiding. B.L. Borden, 24, and Dave LaJoie, 30, were arrested on suspicion of having murdered the local businessman in his Sunnyside store in October 1919.

Dr. J.H. Schutz installed a new x-ray at his office in his residence on Seventh Street. He also added another room to his house to be used as an office.

Jan. 16, 1930 — Another landmark and business passed into history after 25 years, as W.B. Cloud decided to sell out the entire stock of merchandise of his Valley Clothing Company and retire.

Oley Taylor, known for having a large collection of cars, won a Pontiac Coupe at the Selah American Legion raffle to add to his 57 other varieties of vehicles in his collection.

Jan. 18, 1940 — The 1940 Census data in Sunnyside would be more complete was the promise made by U.S. Census officials. The census was to be taken across the nation beginning April 1. All information gathered would be kept confidential. In addition to the usual questions about age, race, sex, size of family, nativity and citizenship of foreign born, questions regarding education, mass migration unemployment, occupation and wages and salaries would also be asked.

Jan. 19, 1950 — Blizzard winds and heavy snows delayed car and train travel, but public schools remained open as the valley was hit with inclement weather conditions. School attendance was down 20 percent as parents choose to keep their children home.

Temperatures, were recorded at the Post Office, showed a record five days when the lows did not get above 4 degrees below zero, and while the highs only reached 12-15 degrees above zero.

The weather also contributed to two lower valley railroad collisions, sending four persons to the Valley Memorial Hospital. Injured were Beauford Baysinger, 23 of Crewport, whose car skidded off the road near the Alfalfa Junction and was struck by a westbound Northern Pacific freight train. His wife Lorraine and their 2-1/2-year-old daughter Sharon Lee were also injured.

In the second collision, Ted Everett’s vehicle was struck at the West B Street crossing in Grandview, by the Union Pacific passenger train. He was treated for a back injury.

Jan. 14, 1960 — Pastor and Mrs. James Pfouts were installed as the new church leaders at First Christian Church. The couple moved to Sunnyside after three years of ministry in Hermiston, Ore.

Sunnyside voters were faced with a decision of approving or rejecting city improvements totaling $398,000 in a bond levy. Four improvements were on the ballot: building of a new library, a new fire station, improvements at city hall and at the airport.

Jan. 15, 1970 — A $17,000 fire nearly destroyed Lloyd’s Body Shop on Morgan Road, off State Route 12. Sunnyside firemen fought the fire in 27-degree weather. Cause of the fire was thought to be from sparks from welding equipment which set paint thinners ablaze. Two cars in the body shop were destryed. Also damaged in the fire was Gortsema Machine Shop in which the body shop was located.

Jan. 16, 1980 — Gail Stevenson, 29, manager of Bowden’s Auto Parts in Sunnyside was named to the Civil Service Commission, replacing Errol Brown, who resigned after being elected to the city council. Stevenson had a two-year degree in police science from Yakima Valley. He was also active in Kiwanis Club, a member of the Chamber of Commerce and served as chair of the Retail Merchant Committee.

Carl Barr returned from his FFA Experience Aboard Program after a six-month visit to Switzerland. While aboard he worked on a small dairy farm in Vieques. Barr said the farming was done with draft horses and the beer was good.

Jan. 17, 1990 — The third case of meningococcus was confirmed in Yakima City proper, and yet, no cases were reported in the county, health officials reported Jan. 16, 1990. Two clinics were set up to handle vaccinations for the disease persons ages 1 to 24. Children under age two were highly susceptible to the meningococcal bacteria.

Sen. Irving Newhouse, R-Sunnyside, predicted a hectic legislative session as the state lawmakers moved to take on such topics as predatory sex offenders, economic growth, fighting drugs and crime and the environment.

Jan. 10, 2000 — Media outlets from all over the world visited Yakima Valley to celebrate the birth of the Garcia triplet girls born to Arcelia Garcia, 54, of Sunnyside by C-section at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital. The babies named Arianna, Brianna and Cecelia, made their first televised interview on the morning shows two days following their birth. Garcia drew national and international media attention because it was rare for a woman of her age to have a multiple pregnancy without the use of fertility drugs.

Jan. 2010 — Sunnyside Grizzlies clinched their 54th consecutive winning season following a 44-30 victory at Southridge High School. The win gave Sunnyside a 7-1 record in the dual match.

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