I Saw it in the Sun: July 29, 2020

July 27, 2000, BRIDGING THE GAP — Hillcrest Manor resident Katherine Grubenhoff enjoys a book with BestSELF students Frankie Padilla (L) and Christina Sayler (R), as a part of a summer programs to bring children into contact with the community’s elderly population.

July 27, 1920 – Mr. Snider, the president of the First National Bank in Sunnyside was reported to have brought controlling interest in the Citizen’s State Bank in Grandview. He was also the director of Guaranty Trust Co. in Yakima.

July 27, 1930 – In a best two out of three series for the Eastern Washington Champion, Sunnyside Senior Baseball Team defeated Spokane by a 5-1 score in the series opener. Catcher D. Scheyer had the big hit in the game, a double that led to four runs in the seventh inning.

July 27, 1940 – The hop men in the Yakima Valley began oiling roads near their crops to reduce damage from dust and red spiders in their crops.

July 27, 1950 – Firemen freed a trapped toddler, David Muher, two-year-old from a four-inch standpipe in which he caught his heel. The firemen had to dig the pipe from the ground to free him. David was not seriously injured. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Muher.

Train crash victim H.D. Mattingley who was injured in an automobile-train collision a week from the July 27 edition, was reported to be improving at Valley Memorial Hospitals. He was injured when his car was struck at the Mabton Highway railroad crossing by an early morning passenger train.

July 22, 1960 – Sunnyside Valley Memorial Hospital administrator Larry McIntyre stated that extensive remodeling work would be begin at mid-August.

July 22, 1970 – Lower valley cities, as well as the rest of the state were informed by the Secretary of State that literacy tests (designed to determine the levels to reading and speaking English tests) were no longer legal as a requirement to vote.

July 31, 1980 – Sunnyside Port Commissioner Bill Barnard greeted Portland Independent Milk Producers Manager Glenn A. Richards whose company was planning open an operation in the Port District in the near future. Jose Albert Rendon, 10, was listed in stable condition at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Yakima after he sustained severe injuries to his leg and a laceration to his head in a collision of his bicycle with a 1979 International Scout, driven by Anne Ellen Hernandez, 35.

July 26, 1990 – Jenny Roettger of Mabton returned from Sunnyside Rotary Foreign exchange which took the during the past year in Victor Harbor, South Australia.

Joan Bentley shared tales of her adventures in Kyoto, Japan while attending the Soroptimist International of the Americans Convention with local Soroptimist Chapter. She spent nine days touring and attending convention events.

July 27, 2000 – A advertisement announced the retirement of Harry Thomas, working after more than 20 years at National Gas in Sunnyside. He was to be the guest of honor at a lunch at the store on his last day.

July 30, 2010 – Chuck Salinas took the reins as Sunnyside High School principal with a list of change designed to ways to decrease the number of high school dropouts, including a comprehensive plan using intervention and prevention programs.

Compiled by Julia Hart, who can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 123 or email jhart@sunnyisdesun.com

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