Sept. 15, 1920 — A 13-year-old boy was sentenced to reform school after stealing a horse from the Denny Blaine grounds.

Sept. 21, 1930 — Harold Fike of Pioneer Drug Store in Sunnyside erected a new neon sign tat could be seen up and down Sixth Street.

Sept. 23, 1940 — E.C. Scott of Grandview won the Democratic nomination for the 15th district representative to the state legislature house.

Sept. 23, 1950 — A downtown fire caused $80,000 damages as it gutted three businesses.

Sept. 22, 1960 — Don Galbraith purchased the Hilligoss Motors from W.C. Hilligoss.

Sunnyside High School student Rick Stroup was named a semifinalist in the National Merit Scholarship test.

Sept. 23, 1970 — Nori Anderson was chosen as Miss Sunnyside and Pamela Hansen and Denise Flodin were named her princesses.

Sept. 23, 1980 — Jenny Lang, 10, collected 730 pounds of aluminum cans to help repair a bronze statue damaged by vandals in Sunnyside. Lang raised $182.

Sept. 13, 1990 — The city of Sunnyside discussed extending city water lines to the Darigold plant.

A man and a woman were arrested at Sunnyside US Bank for possession of counterfeit money.

Sept. 23 , 2000 — Sunnyside fourth grader Jose Mendoza acquired a signed photograph of Governor Gary Locke while attending a “Healthy Kids Now” press conference.

Operating for 14 years on a biennial budget, the Mabton City Council voted to put the city back on a yearly budget.

Sept. 21, 2010 — Rocky Febus, a longtime tool and die supervisor at Sunnyside JM Eagle for nearly 30 years, said when he began working at PVC pipe manufacturing facility, the plant manufactured sewer lines, four-inch teleduct and C900 high pressure pipes. Now, the plant specializes in irrigation and plumbing pipes.

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