MOTHER’S PRIDE — Rosie Kranz, seated, was eager to celebrate Mother’s Day twice this past weekend. She planned to celebrate with a call to her mother on Friday and with her own children on Sunday. Here, she is surrounded by her three Washington State University graduates. Pictured from left to right, are Danie Jo Kranz, John Kranz and Jacquie Kranz.

SUNNYSIDE — In this part of the world, Mother’s Day can be celebrated two ways.

May 10 is the traditional Hispanic Mother’s Day, and the United States celebrates moms on the second Sunday of May, which this year was Sunday, May 12.

The May 10 celebration is much like the U.S.A. version, with presents for mom, special mass or church services and calls from children.

Rosie Kranz of Sunnyside celebrated Mom’s day – two ways.

Friday, the only child of Theresa Perez of Seattle, placed a call to her mother.

“That is how I’ll celebrate the Mexican Mother Day,” Kranz explained before the special day.

Kranz, who works as a secretary at Sunnyside High School, said the rest of her Mother’s Day celebration would be with her three children.

This year, her children are all home from college, each having graduated from Washington State University.

“We’ll have a barbecue, and they will pamper me all day,” she announced.

All three are Sunnyside High School graduates and graduated from WSU just this year — to which she says “Go Cougs!”

The siblings already have jobs nearby, she added.

Johnny, her son, will be teaching next fall in Sunnyside.

Dani Jo works at Inspire Development Center, and Jacquie recently took a job at Columbia River Steel and Construction in Grandview.

“They are good kids,” she bragged.

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