Putting on the full armor of God

Joy Van Corbach of Prosser (left) talks with Hayly Lester following the Lower Valley Christian Women Connection meeting Tuesday.

PROSSER — An apron and a sun bonnet served as object lessons in the fight against evil as described in Ephesians 6:10-18.

Hayly Lester of Prineville, Ore., demonstrated how women can adapt their armor against evil during the Lower Valley Christian Women’s Connection luncheon Wednesday.

“We can wear softer items to represent the armor such as a bonnet in place of the helmet of salvation,” she said.

The items may not be made of the soldiers’ armor described in the New Testament, but the power they symbolize is no less strong, she said.

“The armor of God is what prepares us to stand our ground, when we’re angry or when we are attacked,” she said. “Putting on our helmet of truth reminds us that what is in our hearts comes out our mouths.”

She said people fail to guard their words when they are angry, frustrated or when gossip enters into the conversation. “That is when we have to focus on the Lord,” she said.

“Each item serves to remind us to trust the Lord, and to be prepared to stand firm in our beliefs,” she told the more than 50 women attending the luncheon.

Lester, who owns a preschool, shared her testimony with club members while telling her story of salvation.

For years she said she didn’t feel worthy of God’s love, “God couldn’t love me or forgive me of all my dark past,” she said.

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