Donna Homer

Donna Homer

It is the Easter Season again. What a great time to rejoice. To think that God loved us so much that He sent his son to free us from sin, disease and yes, even death.

Most people, if they are healthy, do not dwell on dying, they are full of life and enjoy living. But, if someone they know dies, they find comfort in the fact that Jesus, by his resurrection, showed us proof that man never really dies, but has eternal life after what seems to us to be the end of life. Several times in the Bible there are accounts of Jesus raising people who seemed to have died. This is, I think, because he knew that life can never be destroyed, because God is Life and gives Life continuously.

Jesus even raised his friend Lazarus who had been dead four days. His body by then was not whole! But he came forth from the tomb, just as he always was whole and perfect. Jesus knew that Lazarus’ life was not in a material body, but was instead held safe and secure in God, who is the creator and maintainer of us all!

What a joy it is to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, not just for him, but for what it means to us. It means we never need to fear dying for God maintains us perfect and whole for eternity.

If we had the understanding Jesus had, we, too, could raise the dead. Because he said, “The works that I do shall ye do also, and greater works shall you do because I go unto the Father!”

Let us all feel the love the Father has for us all as we remember Jesus’ triumph. It should give us a warm feeling to know that even if we don’t fully understand it, God’s plan for us is eternal life in His kingdom!

Donna Homer is a member of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Sunnyside

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