Donna Homer

Donna Homer

In the Bible, John states, “God is love.”

This ties into what Jesus said of the first two great commandments. Of the first, he said, “The Lord our God is one Lord: and thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thy heart.” And of the second he said, “Thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself,” Mark 12:29-31.

Love that is spiritual is a great power. This is why I have been pleased lately to see on TV and other places so many quotes about love. Telling us to love each other.

Disasters, plagues, etc. bring out the best in people. They realize that the most important thing in life is not what we have or who we are, but our love for each other.

During our current crisis, the one thing that will help us rise above it is if we work together. For the first time I can remember, we all have the same goal – to be victorious and to get things can to normal where we need not be afraid but can live our lives freely and be useful and productive.

People are obeying the guidelines, they are being patient, and courteous. It is a joy to see everyone working together for the good of all.

Love is being expressed in so many ways. I have had two different people make me masks, even though I did not ask.

People are volunteering where needed. Families are learning how to be content with just themselves without outside entertainment. They are learning to enjoy each other instead of being entertained with TV, movies, etc.

Although we miss a lot of the fun things, I feel people are gaining a deeper sense of what really matters in life. Back to a more quiet, peaceful sense of things.

Everywhere you look, you can see people helping each other and putting others first. This is loving your neighbor. And this is what will cause us to triumph!

Several quotes I read today are helpful.

From the Bible:

“Whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe,” Proverbs 29:25.

“O Lord, thou preserved man and beast,” Psalms 36:6.

“For with thee is the fountain of life,” Psalms 36:9.

And from “Science Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy – “No power can withstand divine love.”

And finally, a quote from Psalms to finish off with, “The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth and even forevermore,” Psalms 121:8.

Donna Homer is a member of the First Church of Christ Scientist, 1405 Federal Way, Sunnyside.

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