Donna Homer

Donna Homer

In times of stress, worry, and fear, people look for ways to find peace, assurance, and comfort. No one is at ease if they are fearful or concerned, especially about their wellbeing and health.

I have always turned for reassurance to the Bible and its messages and examples of God’s care. Can anything be more fearful than facing a giant who was confident he could kill you? Yet David was not afraid. He knew God was more powerful than Goliath. He did not shake in terror when he aimed his slingshot at the giant. He was steady and accurate, so the stone hit Goliath in the center of his forehead causing him instant death.

Again, there was Daniel. What could be more scary than being told you were to be thrown into the den of hungry lions? Yet Daniel knew he had done nothing wrong and that God would protect him and sure enough, he remained with the lions all night until the king found him in the morning unharmed. And, because of his reliance on God, Daniel showed the king that his God was the more powerful, the only God. So, the king made a decree that everyone was to worship Daniel’s God as the only True God.

The Bible stories can assure us today that there is still just one powerful God that we can rely on to protect us from any danger, be it viruses, earthquakes, accidents, or yes, even lions!

Donna Homer is a member of the First Church of Christ Scientist, 1405 Federal Way, Sunnyside.

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