SUNNYSIDE — Cast members in Sunnyside Christian Reformed Church’s first-ever play are preparing to delight the community.

The play, “The Shoemaker’s Dream,” is the culmination of the church members’ desire to increase participation in the annual holiday production and performing something Director Candace Bosma has held dear to her heart for several years.

The original script was written by Ellen Gans, Bosma’s grandmother.

“She lived in Buena and I was told she was a playwright, but I didn’t really believe it until I learned about this play,” Bosma said.

When Bosma learned of the play, she chose to purchase the rights, dreaming of one day producing and directing it.

The director is known for choosing comical plays for the students in Sunnyside Christian High School’s drama program.

When the church decided to forego its annual cantata in favor of a drama production, Bosma jumped on the opportunity. She suggested the church members perform her grandmother’s play.

Gans’ original script for “The Shoemaker’s Dream” has been adapted by Linda Timmermans, Bosma said.

The cast of 60 members is excited to perform the first-ever Christmas production.

“They’ve been enthusiastic and a great amount of attention to detail has been given to the costumes and set,” Bosma said.

The play is a Russian tale set in the 1800s. A lonely shoemaker dreams Jesus is going to pay him a visit.

Jakob, the shoemaker, is portrayed by Dave Van Dyke. He sets about making gifts for Jesus in preparation for the visit.

Those gifts, however, end up serving a different purpose… meeting the needs of several unexpected visitors throughout the play.

“Each of them is needy in a different way,” Bosma said.

Other main characters in the production include Lady Katherine, portrayed by Jeri Honeyford; Henry the narrator, portrayed by Herman te Velde; Tommy, performed by Matt Beltman; Mrs. Garner, performed by Valerie Stewart; and Mrs. Marple, portrayed by Anita Van de Graaf.

“They are excited. I am excited. This is a really fun thing our church is doing,” Bosma said.

“The Shoemaker’s Dream” will be performed at Sunnyside Christian Reformed Church, located at 700 N. 16th St., Saturday, Dec. 12, at 7 p.m. and Sunday, Dec. 13, at 5:30 p.m.

Admission is free.

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