Sunnyside Presbyterian invites community to celebrate Christmas in July

Pastor Nicholas invites everyone to the Christmas in July service this Sunday, July 18 at 9:30 a.m. to come in their favorite Christmas attire, ready to sing Christmas songs and remember the true meaning of the holiday.

The community will be singing “Joy To The World” at Sunnyside Presbyterian Church’s first Christmas in July services this Sunday morning, July 18 at 9:30 a.m.

During this Sunday’s service, the local church at 737 S. 16th Street will be singing Christmas songs honoring the holiday and discussing the importance of keeping the spirit of Christmas all year long.

“During the Christmas season it gets just so busy – we’re focused on gifts or festivities and sometimes we forget the true meaning of Christmas since we just get so rushed into it,” said Nicholas Valadez, interim pastor at Sunnyside Presbyterian Church. “So, having a Christmas in July service is just a great reminder of why we as a church celebrate Christmas, and why we need to slow down and remember the reason of Jesus coming into our lives and into our world.”

The Christmas in July service idea was inspired by previous congregations and brought to life by Pastor Nicholas in order to bring more hope into the community.

“This past year, with COVID everything got so different. It was just a very different year and people kind of lost hope,” said Pastor Nicholas. “This service is about having fun, and a reminder of hope faith, love, and joy ... all the great things that we come together for during the Christmas season.”

Pastor Nicholas, his wife Patty, and children Diana, 9, and Isaiah, 6, moved back to the area, from California to Zillah, after being offered the interim pastor position to replace previous pastor Mike Souza.

“I just love this small community and all the fresh fruits and vegetables. This is my favorite place,” Pastor Nicholas said. “I like to have fun with the congregation, and what better way to have fun than Christmas in July.”

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I remember discussions on the actual birth of Christ and it was discussed that he was probably born during the summer months. We don't always get it right when studying the Bible. I don't think it matters when, just that he was born.

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