Zillah Community Yard Sale

YARD SALE PICKIN’ — Rachel Cameron and Robin Cameron of Goldendale traveled to Zillah on April 20 to shop the 115 sales offered during the Zillah Community Yard Sale. Their treasure hunts included a stop at the Mountain View Southern Baptist Church, where the sales were benefiting a local family. The city-wide yard sale takes place once a year in the spring.

ZILLAH — Avid yard sale shopper Manuela Alvarado is always on the look-out for fun treasures for her family and friends.

An extensive collection of porcelain and crystal piggies caught her eye at the 15th annual community-wide yard sale on April 20.

“I like going to yard sales,” she admitted. “I never know what I might find.”

With 89-yard sales listed on her handy city map with another 20 scattered around town, Alvarado had her pick of items to peruse.

Nearly every corner on Second Avenue had a yard sale, and deeper into the residential area, hundreds of shoppers stopped to pick through other people’s cast-offs.

“We found a matching set of old windows for a reasonable price,” Robin Cameron of Goldendale reported.

Pretty pleased with that purchase, Cameron and her daughter Rachel of Richland, planned to spend the day in Zillah looking around.

The city provided a map with the location of each of the yard sales, said yard sale participant Jeanie Froemke.

She and her fellow church members were planning to donate the proceeds from their sale at the Mountainview South Baptist Church.

“The money we raise will be used to help a local family,” Froemke explained.

The community event is part of the town’s Spring Fling and a prelude to this weekend’s Yakima Valley Spring Barrel Tasting, city administrative assistant Shelli Quantrell noted.

“City Hall keeps track of the number of residents who purchase the yard sale permits. The Zillah’s Associated Club prints the maps,” she explained.

“We have a lot of calls beginning in January asking for the date,” Quantrell revealed, adding the city-wide sale is always the third Saturday of April.

“It helps get the community get ready for spring,” she said. “We think it was a great event.”

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