ONCE A BOOKWORM — Virginia Thompson, left, and Darcy Wyant, right, are comrades in the art of book selling. The retired educators are members and volunteers of the Grandview Friends of the Library. The Friends hold a twice a year sale, in very organized, enticing fashion in the back of the Grandview library. The concluded their second sale for 2019 on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 4 and 5, last weekend.

GRANDVIEW —The small conference room and foyer in the back of the city-college shared Grandview Library was lined with both books and readers last weekend. Readers of every age held shopping bags, small boxes and full arms. The Grandview Friends of the Library know how to throw an enticing book sale. They should, after 18 years of book sales and collectively, hundreds of years in the classroom.

Friends of the Library in Grandview incorporated in 2001, according to retired Granger teacher, Virginia Thompson, also a Friends’ board member and volunteer. And the Friends have held semi-annual book sale continuously in fall and spring as their largest and most successful annual fundraiser.

Books are organized by genre, in neat spine up rows and there is no floundering. Know your author, walk to the desired book section or ask one of the bookophile volunteers, most retired teachers or librarians, and they will instruct a shopper if the item is here, how many, how much.

Joining the earnest crowd of book worms on Friday, Oct. 4, and Saturday, Oct. 5, were other Friends board members and volunteers, Pat Boned, Darcy Wyant, Board Chair and Gayle Boose.

The Friends group is open to anyone and hosts monthly book discussions at the library conference room the fourth Thursday of every month.

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