1969 Miss Sunnyside candidates were selling buttons to promote Sunnyside Days and their first customer was Sunnyside High School Principal Bill Linehan. Pinning him was Linda Johnson, seated left, and Maria Grecco, right. Standing, left to right were Pam Roberts, Carol Hicks, Myra Meyers, Debbie Johnson, Patty McQuesten and Patti Neal. Those wearing the buttons were to be admitted to the Miss Sunnyside Pageant free in September.

Port district report

Sunnyside Port Commissioner Richard Golob told Sunnyside Rotarians that all the Columbia River waterfront in Yakima County was a part of the Port District. He also reported the four-year-old Port had the distinction of being one of the few port districts to have money in the bank ready to invest in industrial development of the region and to have strategically located industrial park, just south of Sunnyside.

Past leader memorialized

The front page of the Sunnyside Sun covered the Grandview Fair, where a new memorial trophy was awarded in memory of Coleen Borden to be given to the high point judge in the 4-H garden vegetable judging. Miss Borden a longtime 4-H club member and junior leader, died as a result of a car crash.

Competitive prices

Safeway was running a sweet corn sale offering five ears of corn for 29 cents. USDA A Choice chuck steaks selling at 59 cents a pound. Meanwhile at the Lucky Dollar, sweet corn was being offered at six ears for 35 cents and pork chops were available for 79 cents a pound.

Chick dinner news

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Allen of Seattle were weekend guests at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Orth of Outlook. Also, visiting the Orths were Mr. and Mrs. Dinow George and family of Grandview.

In Bickleton, Mrs. W.R. Kelley accompanied Mrs. Max Slater to Sunnyside.

Mrs. and Mrs. Keith Jensen and family spent several days at the Morley Quarter Horse Ranch near Yakima, where the children were getting ready to competition the Eastern Washington Junior State Horse Show.

Liberty news included news of vacation travel by the Joseph Tremby family and married daughter and family, Louis E. Vimontes of Chehalis visited Cannon and Seaside beaches on the Oregon coast.

Serviceman earns assignment

Airman Brad Carter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Carter of Sunnyside, graduated from the U.S. Air Force technical school at Chanute Airforce Base in Illinois. He was assigned as jet engine mechanic to the Military Air Lift Command at McChord Air Force Base in Washington. The airman was a graduate of Sunnyside High School.

Football season begins

Sunnyside High School Football Coach George Potter announced football equipment was to be issued to letterman on Aug. 23. The first football practice was set for Aug. 26 – the first day of school.

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