SUNNYSIDE — The lines were long as thousands of taco lovers gathered for the second annual Taco Wars held Saturday, Aug. 10, at the Best Western Grapevine Inn.

While more than 10 food trucks specializing in the popular Mexican street food were scheduled to compete for “Best Taco” bragging rights, only four teams competed during the afternoon, Junior De La Mora, event organizer announced.

But the remaining four taco specialists — Javi’s Chicken and Churros, New Age Tacos, Tacos Manzanillo and Taquitos El Porvenir — were all very competitive and it was difficult for our judges to make a final decision,” De La Mora commended.

In the end, judges chose from blind tastings chose “Tacos Manzanillo” in a double win, De La Mora, announced late in the afternoon following a brief cloud burst.

The head chefs Ericka and Gabino Jurado were excited to claim top scores for their asada and adobada tacos. The long lines at the Jurado order windows were another testament to the popularity of the couple’s cooking skills.

“We thank everyone who chose to eat with us,” Mrs. Jurado said.

De La Mora presented them with $1,000 in cash.

Many munched on their tacos with a glass of Varietal Beer Company’s specially brewed “Jogan IPA” followed by a plate of Blissful Bites doughnuts and refreshing fruit drinks.

Even the rain didn’t keep people from enjoying the event and, “… the tacos, of course.” De La Mora remarked.

He said Saturday’s mild temperatures drew more than 1,000 people to listen to the music, eat tacos and enjoy the day.

De La Mora said he is already making plans for the Taco Wars number three.

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